Friday, August 30, 2013

Project DISCC Recognized by Sawa World.

Today the 30th of August 2013 at St Lawrence University Kampala the home of Sawa world, Sawa world has Joined Ashoka, World Watch Institute, Reuters and Food Think Tank to recognize Project DISCC as one of the world's leading social entrepreneurship ideas that have the potential to end extreme poverty and bring about Food sovereignty among the rural communities and most especially the young people. This has been confirmed by the Certificate of recognition handed over to the Founder of Developing Innovations in School and Community Cultivation (Project DISCC) a the 5th Sawa World Summit held at St. Lawrence University Kampala which has been attended by over 30 Sawa leaders, Sparks and Guests. In attendance are officials from the Dutch Embassy and Project DISCC coordinators Noel and Roger who have made tremendous efforts to see the project expand to the new level where it is.

Other Organizations that have recognized DISCC Project include ASHOKA, REUTERS, WORLD WATCH INSTITUTE, and FOOD THINK TANK.  

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  1. Congratulations! Here we go higher and higher ...we shall soon be there. No matter what may come our way. Uganda can feed its self. we have solutions within.


Background to project DISC

The participation of students in food production does not only enhance their taste behaviours and nutrition status, but can possibly lead to social transformation. Social conditions are complex and therefore positive attitude towards cultivation should be built within children that will in turn help to reverse the existing food shortages. The fact is that Project DISC aims at engaging School Children and the local youth communities in real life production of Clean, Safe and Fair food through working with schools and communities.