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  1. Hi
    I am a UK student studying Education for Sustainability. I will be coming to Kampala in mid October 2013 to take a short course and am looking for a volunteer placement following that. My main interests are sustainable food systems, resource awareness and engaging people through creative education.
    I would be very interested to be able to meet you and find out more about the DISCC project as it appears to be something after my own hear.
    I can't find a direct email on this website so I would be grateful if you can post it here so I can make more contact with you if you are interested to meet.
    Kind Regards

  2. Hello Poppy! How are you doing today! we are excited to hear from you Please we would like to know more about your coming and we love to get volunteers. please contact us on or +256782193524. we always have a busy schedule, please lets know in time so that we can be ready to receive you, you can also watch some Movies on

    Kind regards Roger.

  3. Hello, We would like to donate seeds we grew organically to DISCC. Is their a mailing address for us to send them to? Thank you for your time. LOVE what yoy are doing!


Background to project DISC

The participation of students in food production does not only enhance their taste behaviours and nutrition status, but can possibly lead to social transformation. Social conditions are complex and therefore positive attitude towards cultivation should be built within children that will in turn help to reverse the existing food shortages. The fact is that Project DISC aims at engaging School Children and the local youth communities in real life production of Clean, Safe and Fair food through working with schools and communities.