Friday, September 25, 2009

"In Their Words"

"My children do not want to miss school these days because of the supplementary fruits given during lunch from their gardens at school"
Mrs. Viola Kato from Bunyama village commented

"We have registered an increase in school attendance especially for Agriculture class since our school joined project DISC, children have increased".
Mr. Kyobe John Agriculture teacher at St. Balikuddembe Senior School Mukono Said

"I did not know how goose berries taste but now I have tasted them today so I am going to have a bigger garden at home than the one at school"
. Nalweyiso Jovia a pupil at St. Andrew’s Primary School said during project DISC juice party in April 2009

"I have realized the juice made by hands tastes sweeter than the ones from this machine (Juice Blender). Now my children also need to know this"
Ms. Noel Nannyunja a teacher at Buiga sunrise pre-school said during the Easter Fruit and Juice party in April 2009

"My son surprised me with a “Luwombo”(traditional sauce made from steamed chicken in Banana leaves) dish he learned to prepare at Sun rise pre-school during the project DISC workshop"
Ms Nakiberu Flavia said in a meeting with DISC parents.

"I just want to thank project DISC and Slow food for thinking about the future. We re getting old and children do not want to produce food. Then who will feed them and their children. Thanks for teaching these boys and girls to control food production. At least now I know they will have food"
Mr. Eliazari Magala an elderly parent said

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Background to project DISC

The participation of students in food production does not only enhance their taste behaviours and nutrition status, but can possibly lead to social transformation. Social conditions are complex and therefore positive attitude towards cultivation should be built within children that will in turn help to reverse the existing food shortages. The fact is that Project DISC aims at engaging School Children and the local youth communities in real life production of Clean, Safe and Fair food through working with schools and communities.